New era in shopping with IKEA Virtual Reality Experience!

Virtual reality applications are evolving every day. One of the companies that was quick about this was IKEA. With Ikea'S VR experience, you can shop without leaving home.


It is now certain that virtual reality products will mark the coming period. After the VR products that manufacturers have repeatedly introduced, virtual reality began to come in compatible games and applications.

Where was SIKEA VR released?

One of the companies that acted quickly in this regard was the Swedish-based international furniture brand IKEA. IKEA's app, which provides a 5-minute VR experience, has been released.Replacing valve on the Steam platform, IKEA VR Experience offers users the chance to edit and customize IKEA kitchen in a virtual environment.

IKEA VR is still on the road

The IKEA VR experience is currently at its initial stage. The furniture giant's main goal is to develop “virtual reality” technology, enabling users to navigate IKEA stores without leaving their homes, personalize and buy products themselves.

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