What Is Mobile Payment? What Does It Do?

What Is Mobile Payment? What Does It Do?


When the year 2016 came, a large proportion of our shopping curiosity moved to virtual environments. And yet, new payment methods have also emerged. There are multiple payment methods available to you so that you can pay for a product or service you have purchased. In addition to payment methods such as credit card, wire transfer method, payment at the door, the payment method you can use recently is mobile payment.

Many people are known to make purchases using the mobile payment method. So, what is this mobile payment? Mobile payment means that payments made through the GSM operators you are using are reflected in your bill. It is mainly used for spending through the service sector, where small numbers are involved.

Imagine that you don't have a credit card and you have to pay for a product or service that you need to buy. You've seen that you can use the mobile payment method for this. You understand that it is possible to buy through your mobile line that you are using. Now let's explain to you what happened. You have made a secure purchase or won a subscription with your consent from an unsafe virtual environment. There may be a subscription that you will pay regularly every month. If you have made a safe purchase, there is no situation that requires you to be afraid. Mobile payment took place on your GSM line. You must pay this transaction price on your next bill. You will need to make a one-time payment. You made an unsafe purchase. By reluctantly opening a subscription registration, you have fulfilled this subscription with the confirmation of the message you sent. You have been paid for the first month, and you have paid on your first bill. In the following months, you also encountered a surprise bill. There's nothing to do, you'll have to pay. You will need to pay for this subscription whether you use it or not. In order to cancel the subscription you have received, you will need to contact that company. The support line of the GSM operator you use cannot cancel this subscription.

In addition, payments made with the NFC feature of mobile devices in daily life can be defined as “mobile payment”.

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