Turkmenistan, officially the Republic of Turkmenistan, is a Turkish state in Central Asia with a Coast to the Caspian Sea. With a population of about 5.8 million people and a per capita income of $ 7,500, Turkmenistan is among the developing states. Turkmenistan continued to use Soviet ruble / Russian Ruble for up to 2 years after declaring its independence from the USSR in 1991. Then, by 1993, Turkmenistan passed to Manat as its currency. Turkmenistan manat has 2 different periods in 1993 – 2010 and after 2010. The old Manat of Turkmenistan was used in the first period. After 2010, The New Manat of Turkmenistan was used / used. Turkmenistan money you can have detailed information about Turkmen Manat in our article.

Old Manat Of Turkmenistan

The old Turkmen Manat was used for 17 years from 1993 to 2010. After that, Turkmenistan reformed its currency. Since 2010, The New Manat of Turkmenistan has been transferred. During the transition from old Turkmenistan manat to New Turkmenistan manat, 5000 old Turkmen manats were counted as 1 New Turkmen manat.

Turkmenistan Coin New Turkmenistan Manat

The new Turkmen Manat is the currency currently in circulation in Turkmenistan. As the currency of Turkmenistan, the phrase New Turkmenistan manat or usually direct Turkmenistan manat is used. English Turkmen Manat is also referred to as Turkmen Manady in Turkmen.

Turkmen Currency Banknotes Of Turkmenistan Manat

Banknotes in circulation used in Turkmenistan are as follows. Here are the banknotes of Turkmenistan currency…

• 1 Manat of Turkmenistan (smallest banknote of Manat of Turkmenistan)

• 5 Manat Of Turkmenistan

• 10 Manat Of Turkmenistan

• 20 Manat Of Turkmenistan

• 50 Manat Of Turkmenistan

• 100 Manats Of Turkmenistan

• 500 Turkmenistan Manat (smallest Turkmenistan Manat banknote)

Manat Coins Of Turkmenistan

The Turkmen Manat sub-currency is expressed as” tenge or (TE (ee)". The coins in circulation used in Turkmenistan are as follows.

• 1 Turkmenistan Tengesi (smallest Turkmenistan coin)

• 2 tenge

• 5 tenge

• 10 tenge

• 20 tenge

• 50 tenge

• 1 Manat

• 2 Manat of Turkmenistan (largest Turkmenistan coin)

Turkmenistan Manat Symbol, Turkmen Manat Symbol!

The letter “T” is used as the symbol of the manat of Turkmenistan. TMT is also used as the abbreviation of Turkmen manat or the Code of Turkmen manat. The Central Bank of Turkmenistan prints the Turkmen Manat.

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